Portable Electric Watering Bottle
Hand-Held Electric Spray Watering Bottle

Multi Purpose Hand-Held Electric Spray Watering Bottle is portable and easy to use. Product Features Long nozzle design, can rotate freely 360°. Charging indicator, the indicator light is displayed when the battery is fully charged. Lithium battery power supply can be used continuously for up to 4 hours. Convenient add water design. Two water spray modes. Two-speed switch design. 3000ML (3L) large capacity.   Matters Needing Attention It is strictly forbidden to disassemble and modify. Do not immerse the handle … Read More

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Portable Fruit Picker Gardening Tool
Portable Fruit Picker Gardening Tool

Finally get to those hard to reach apples, pears and plums without the need for a ladder with Portable Fruit Picker Gardening Tool. One quick twist of the wrist and the fruit is in the basket. Brand New and High Quality Practical and Easy to use. Color: White / Orange Material: Plastic Product size: Approx.20*8*8cm Package: 1 x Fruits Picking Tool   How to use :  Put the fruit in the middle of the two teeth, then pull the rod with force and the … Read More

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super gro for farming
Super Gro Agricultural Liquid Fertilizer


Helps to Maximize Crop Yield and Profits.

Suitable for use on all indoor and outdoor vegetation.

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