Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that causes swelling and pain that can range from mild to excruciating. Although more than two hundred diseases are classified under the name “arthritis,” most arthritic conditions fall into one of two categories: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Osteoarthritis is by far the more common, with more than 1.5 million cases per year in Nigeria and 80 percent of people over fifty. The pain and the inflammation occur when the cartilage that protects the bones from rubbing against each other wears down.

Not surprisingly, the disease usually appears in joints that do most of the body’s hard work: the knees, the hips, the spine, and the hands. Although injury or the normal wear and tear of life often bring on cartilage damage, it can be made much worse by food allergies, poor diet, and mineral deposits in the joints.

For some people, the effects of mental and emotional stress aggravate arthritis pain. Changes in the weather—usually, rain and falling barometric pressure—often cause arthritis flare-ups

If left untreated, arthritis can cause irreversible damage to the joints.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is quite another story. Most experts believe it is caused by an inappropriate immune reaction, in which white blood cells attack the cartilage in the joints; it can go on to destroy the bones themselves and even the muscles and the skin. It is often exceedingly painful and can cripple its sufferers.

Experts disagree on the causes of RA, but it seems clear that genes, food allergies, bacterial or viral infection, stress, excess acid in the body, and the presence of certain antibodies in the blood all play a role. Many of the complementary therapies used for osteoarthritis are also effective in reducing pain and slowing the spread of rheumatoid arthritis.

Underlying factors for both of these conditions may include poor digestive function (intestinal permeability), hormone imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, and lifestyle factors.

Symptoms Of Arthritis

Joint pain, stiffness, and swelling are the most common symptoms of arthritis. Your symptoms may also feel worse in the morning when you get out of bed or upon standing up after you’ve been resting.

Other symptoms of osteoarthritis include:

  • limited range of motion that sometimes goes away after movement
  • clicking or popping with bending
  • muscle weakness around the joint
  • instability or buckling of the joint
  • bony growths in the fingers
  • grating or scraping feeling in the knees

Other symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include:

  • morning stiffness that can last 30 minutes or more
  • more than one affected joint
  • onset in smaller joints like feet and hands
  • same joints on both sides of the body are affected
  • fatigue
  • low-grade fever
  • inflammation of the eyes and mouth
  • inflammation of the heart muscle and blood vessels
  • low red blood cell count

Causes Of Arthritis

Arthritis may be caused by:

  • wear and tear of a joint from overuse
  • age (OA is most common in adults over age 50)
  • injuries
  • obesity
  • autoimmune disorders
  • genes or family history
  • muscle weakness

Complications Of Arthritis

When left untreated, symptoms of arthritis may worsen and affect your day-to-day life. Below are some of the possible complications associated with this condition:

  • Reduced mobility. As arthritis progresses, you may experience less comfortable movement. This can interfere with your daily routine and may keep you from your favorite activities as well as socializing.
  • Possible weight gain. This is attributed to decreased movements, as well as discomfort that keeps you from exercising.
  • Increased risk of metabolic disorders. Being overweight with an inflammatory condition like arthritis may increase your chances of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease.
  • Inflammation in other areas of your body. If your arthritis is attributed to an autoimmune disease like RA, the inflammation can spread and affect your skin, eyes, blood vessels, and lungs.
  • Risk of falls. According to the Arthritis Foundation, people with OA are more likely to experience falls and possible fractures. This is primarily caused by related muscle weakness, but dizziness from pain medications can also lead to falls.
  • Decreased ability to work. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 60 percent of people with arthritis are of working age. Arthritis may affect your ability to move around in the workplace or even get from your mode of transportation to your job site.
  • Effects on mental health. Arthritis may increase the risk of anxiety and depression due to ongoing pain, inflammation, and social isolation.

Arthritis Treatment

Listed below are the world’s best nature-based nutrients carefully selected and recommended by our Board of Consultants for Arthritis Treatment that will enhance your healthy living and overall wellness.

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You deserve to be pain-free from any health conditions!

Chelated Cal-Mag with 500 IU Vitamin D3
Chelated Cal-Mag with 500 IU Vitamin D3 – 90 Tablets

Chelated Cal-Mag with 500 IU Vitamin D3 has proprietary double amino acid chelation for fast dissolution and maximum absorption of minerals, calcium, and magnesium that helps to prevent irritation to stomach and intestines.

Chelated Cal-Mag with 500 IU Vitamin D3 also contributes to the development and maintenance of bones and teeth.



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Why A CoQ10 Supplement?

  • CoQ10 levels are known to decrease naturally with aging; either by reduced production efficiency (biosynthesis) within the body and/or by increased metabolic requirements. This often results in more than a 50% drop by age 50.
  • Diet and lifestyle patterns are known to deplete CoQ10 unnaturally.
  • The use of some prescription drugs, in particular, cholesterol-lowering “statins” and other over-the-counter medications can deplete CoQ10 in the body.
  • Low CoQ10 levels have been directly associated with a higher risk of many well-known diseases of lifestyle and
  • Low levels of CoQ10 have been associated with the negative impact of three of the primary biologic markers of Metabolic Syndrome (MetS); obesity, oxidative stress, and inflammation.


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Flavonoids Complex
Flavonoids Complex

Flavonoids Complex

  • Whole-food flavonoids from cranberries, kale, green tea, beets, elderberries, red and black grapes, oranges, lemons, grapefruit.
  • Broad-spectrum flavonoids – flavones, flavanols, flavanones, anthocyanins, catechins.
  • Vitamin C to enhance absorption.
  • Ellagic acid, an antioxidant in grapes, cranberries and other berries and a close relative of the flavonoid “family”.
  • Green tea extract provides catechins but virtually no caffeine.
  • Convenient serving. Each tablet provides the phytonutrient value of an optimal serving of flavonoid-rich fruit and vegetables.
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Full Motion - Glucosamine
Full Motion – Glucosamine

Why NeoLife Full Motion?

  • Provides 1500mg of glucosamine, the dose used in studies shown to reduce pain and stiffness.
  • Pharmaceutically pure, biologically functional glucosamine from Glucosamine Hydrochloride – easy to digest and sulphite-free – minimising digestive discomfort and allergic reactions.
  • High-quality source of purified glucosamine.
  • Herbal Comfort Complex, an exclusive blend of Bromelain, White Willow and Boswellia, ingredients strongly associated with the body’s natural mechanisms for minimising joint pain and inflammation.
  • Regenerative Mineral Complex, an exclusive blend of synergistically critical Zinc, Boron and Silica, key minerals for joint health.
  • 3D Advantage, which provides optimal bio-availability through maximum Disintegration, Dissolution and Dispersion.
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Lipotropic Adjunct
Lipotropic Adjunct – 90 Tablets

Why Neolife Lipotropic Adjunct

Concentrated lipotropic factors (choline and inositol) assist the mobilization and utilization of dietary fats.

Contains folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12, nutrients known to lower blood levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that can accumulate to dangerous levels and damage blood vessels.

Betaine hydrochloride helps create an environment conducive to vitamin B12 absorption. Betaine is itself involved in homocysteine metabolism.

Citrus bioflavonoids, including hesperidin, support the health of the circulatory system.

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Pro Vitality - 30 Sachets
Pro Vitality – 30 Sachets

Why NeoLife’s Pro Vitality?

Whole-food nutrition clinically proven to strengthen the perfect foundation for lifelong health and vitality.

In convenient on-the-go sachets.

With 23 essential vitamins and minerals, lipids and sterols from whole grains, carotenoids from fruit and vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids from fish.

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Vitamin C Sustained Release - 100 Tablets
Vitamin C Sustained Release – 100 Tablets

As a potent water-soluble antioxidant, vitamin C contributes to cell protection from free-radical damage.

Vitamin C plays a role in maintaining connective tissue and is an integral part of collagen, the “cellular cement” that holds our cells together. It helps maintain healthy teeth, gums, and skin.

Lifestyle demands and cigarette smoking rob the body of this precious vitamin. People who sustain regular minor physical challenges (athletes, some construction and industrial workers) may need extra vitamin C. A water-soluble antioxidant, that in fact, we all may need greater quantities daily as our environment continues to become more toxic.

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