50Pcs Disposable Protective Mouth Face Mask


Disposable protective mouth face mask helps to protect your daily health.

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50Pcs Disposable Protective Mouth Face Mask consists of high-quality non-woven complete with comfort, softness, and excellent breathability and can fit your face perfectly for better protection.


  • Multi-layer protection: 3 layers of dust-proof filter mask protect you from dust, ash, pollen, fine dust, solid fine dust particles, and car exhaust fumes and thus effectively protect your lungs.
  • Flexibility: 50 masks, disposable masks with elastic ear bands and adjustable nose bridges – can effectively protect your daily health. The ear hook is robust and flexible and suitable for adults and children.
  • Function: Suitable for various workplaces: mowing, carpentry, spraying, food processing, and other outdoor activities. You can breathe healthily.


Package contents:

  • 50pieces Disposable Face Masks



  • Type: Disposable Protective mask (Non-sterile)
  • Material: non-woven, meltblown
  • Color: Blue
  • Flexibility: adjustable nose piece
  • Size: 175*92±5mm


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