Amitone – Amino Acids

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Why Amitone?

  • 100% free form amino acids include L-arginine and L- Ornithine for rapid absorption and utilisation.
  • Complete formula containing free form amino acids, chelated minerals and selected herbs
  • Supports muscle protein retention, fat mobilisation, lean tissue development and overall body toning.
  • Valerian and Chickweed to support overall product function and performance.
  • Designed to work while you sleep. Taken 3 hours after your last meal and before bedtime, Amitone allows for increases in blood levels of specific amino acids in the absence of competing amino acids.
  • Allow the body to do the work, improving success with a sensible eating pattern and regular, moderate exercise.
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Amitone supports the efforts of those seeking to decrease their body fat content.

Based on scientific research into the body’s normal function of tissue generation and lipid metabolism,

Amitone creates a dietary abundance of specific amino acids at preselected times and under controlled conditions. This allows us to influence the conditions and relative amino acid balances that support utilisation of fat for energy and the production of lean body tissue.

Key Benefits

  • Supports muscle protein retention, fat mobilisation, lean tissue development, and efficient metabolism.


Unique blend of selected free form amino acids to support*:

  • Muscle retention
  • Fat-mobilisation
  • Lean tissue development
  • Overall body toning

Designed to work while you sleep.