Daily Power And Prayer Devotional


806 Pages

I highly recommend ‘Daily Power & Prayer Devotional’ – each day is just one page; therefore, a commitment of daily reading and prayer…Something we all need…is simple to do. Dr. Munroe has written it in an easy to understand way, and the joy of having a time set aside to be with our Lord makes every day a better day!



DAILY POWER AND PRAYER DEVOTIONAL book is a daily devotional that helps us to apply the Keys to the Kingdom so that we may operate in our God-given authority! Once we finally realize who we are in & for the sake of the Kingdom… WE’RE UNSTOPPABLE!

With over one million books sold, Dr. Myles Munroe has been used by God to teach and influence readers around the world. Now comes his very first yearly devotional, based on several of his best-selling books.

Over the course of a year, Dr. Munroe will encourage and teach you in the area of spiritual power and prayer, while also providing a Scripture reading to help you read through the entire Bible. Let Dr, Munroe help you develop a daily appointment with God and you will:-

  • Discover the authority of prayer
  • Overcome obstacles to answered prayer
  • Understand the power of fasting
  • Learn the role of God’s Word in prayer
  • Enter into God’s presence as you become a person of prayer

See for yourself how spending a few moments in God’s power and presence can affect every area of your life.