Good Morning, Holy Spirit


205 Pages

GOOD MORNING, HOLY SPIRIT book is a must-read regardless of how long you have been a Christian. Benny Hinn reveals what the Bible speaks about the Holy Spirit in a way every single person reading this book can understand!



GOOD MORNING, HOLY SPIRIT is a book for all Christians who want to grow in relationship with the Holy Spirit. Benny Hinn uses this book to describe his journey with Christ and how the Holy Spirit completely changed his life. While he talks about his journey, he describes ways the reader can learn, hear and work with the Holy Spirit.

One cold winter night in Toronto, the Holy Spirit entered Benny Hinn’s life in such a dramatic way that he was changed forever. The same thing can happen to you. Join the millions of others who have read Good Morning Holy Spirit and discover if you are ready to meet the Holy Spirit intimately and personally, willing to listen to His voice, and prepared to know Him as a person.

In this revised and expanded edition of Good Morning, Holy Spirit, Benny Hinn shares the insights and the truths that God has taught him through the years. Good Morning, Holy Spirit provides the principles needed to gain a better understanding of the Godhead while you discover:

  • how to recognize the voice of the Spirit
  • seven steps to a more effective prayer life
  • the source and purpose of God’s anointing
  • freedom from fear of the “unpardonable” sin
  • God’s master plan for you