Mind Enhancement Complex


Mind Enhancement Complex optimises mental performance for enhanced memory, focused concentration, clear thinking, and prompt recall.

  • Maintain levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, strengthening memory and concentration.
  • Help protect delicate cerebral tissues.
  • 100% naturally occurring herbal ingredients.
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Mind Enhancement Complex is an exclusive multi-herb formula that combines complementary benefits of 7 herbs to promote peak mental performance – including Gotu kola, red sage, rosemary, sweet basil, skullcap and thyme.

As with any other physical aspect of the body, mental functioning tends to weaken when faced with various forms of stress, including everything from simple fatigue to degeneration linked to aging. Master herbalists have long known that our capacity for focused concentration, clear thinking, and accurate recall can be supported and even enhanced with an appropriate mix of herbs that help meet the brain’s critical need for optimal blood circulation and help protect our precious cerebral tissue from free radical damage associated with mental decline.

Mind Enhancement Complex promotes a “normalizing effect” on the nervous system, helping to stabilize and enhance mental function to promote peak mental performance and acuity.


Why Choose Herbs To Support Mental Performance?

  • Because herbs have been proven effective from centuries of use.
  • Because herbs have a long history of safe use, without the side effects associated with chemical drugs.
  • Because herbs are nature’s solutions to wellness challenges.
  • Because herbs are non-habit forming.
  • Because herbs can act as a tonic and provide a
  • “normalizing effect” on the nervous system, stabilizing and enhancing mental function.
  • Because herbs have been shown to help restore physiological balance to help the brain perform at its vital best.
  • Because herbs have been shown to enhance cerebral blood flow which is essential for facilitating the supply of nutrients. These herbs also help to facilitate mental longevity.


Why NeoLife Mind Enhancement Complex?

  • Comprehensive formula. Our unique “complete family” approach to the formula provides broad, synergistic effects of the herbal constituents, optimizing their ability to promote mental performance and acuity. Herbs work together to complement and enhance effectiveness.
  • Herbs are selected from many global traditions, bringing you the best herbal knowledge from around the world.
  • Contains Ginkgo biloba (leaf) which has been shown to support blood vessel flexibility, improving blood flow to the brain. Ginkgo also contains powerful antioxidants that may help promote the longevity and function of cerebral tissue.
  • Contains Gotu Kola which has been associated with mental clarity and enhanced memory function by both Western and Asian herbalists.
  • Contains Red Sage which helps increase alertness and ability to concentrate. Strong antioxidant properties may also support microcirculation within the brain, helping to minimize age-related decline.
  • Guaranteed purity, potency, and consistency. The most recent advances in analytical sciences and the most advanced herbal processing techniques provide the finest in standardized herbal extracts.
  • Derived solely from nature’s herbs, containing no chemical or animal products.

The following benefits have been attributed to the herbs contained in Neolife Mind Enhancement Complex by master herbalists:

Herb Traditional Benefit
Ginkgo — leaf
(Ginkgo biloba)
Promotes circulation. Supports concentration, alertness and healthy memory function. Lengthens attention span. Antioxidant activity protects against oxidative damage.
Gotu Kola — leaf
(Centella asiatica)
Supports the functioning of the circulatory system, promoting alertness, attention span, memory and concentration. Mild anti-stress properties are thought to be especially helpful to promote nervous system functions and lessen the effects of fatigue.
Red Sage — leaf
(Salvia officinalis)
Strong antioxidant properties also support the circulatory system. Supports positive mood and mental clarity. Helps promote alertness, memory function and the ability to concentrate.
Rosemary — leaf
(Rosmarinus officinalis)
Supports adequate blood circulation and provides antioxidant activity. Historically used to assist memory function.
Sweet Basil — leaf
(Ocimum basilicum)
Complements the effectiveness of rosemary and gotu kola, in support of nervous system functioning, especially in response to exhaustion or other stress, promoting mental calmness, clarity and steady mood.
Thyme — leaf
(Thymus vulgaris)
Strong antioxidant properties that support the proper function of the circulatory system. Promotes vitality, helping to offset exhaustion.
Skullcap — flower
(Scutellaria laterifolia)
Restorative for the nervous system; helps to allay anxiety and stress.