New Telescopic Folding USB Rechargeable Fan

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New telescopic folding USB rechargeable fan is one-piece multi-function mini fan, stretchable, foldable and is suitable for all kinds of occasions.

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New telescopic folding usb rechargeable fan has 7200 mAH built-in battery, lightweight, easy to carry, multi-function application, stretchable height, multiple ways of use as one: countertop + floor + storage integrated fan.

Mini-size, 4 adjustable airflows are available by easily pressing the power button.

Built-in 7200 mAH battery, fully wireless when used for 5-10 hours, let you enjoy the cool breeze anytime, anywhere. It can be powered by mobile power, computers, and other USB ports.

Suitable for all kinds of occasions, such as office, family, kitchen, barbecue party, beach, camping, hiking, tourism, etc., easy to carry.



Main material: aluminum ABS plastic steel plate (motor) PP material (fan blade)

Battery type: lithium battery 18650mAh

Battery capacity: 3.7V 7200mAh

Product size: closed state: 197 * 197 * 92.5MM, Extended status: 197 * 197 * 974MM

Wind speed gear: 3 + 1

Product color: pink, white power cord length: 1.5m

Net weight of single product: 829.5g

Control method: button type

Gas supply principle: air circulation

Wind mode: 1st gear: soft wind, 2nd gear: breeze, 3rd gear: strong wind, 4th gear: natural wind

Charger specification: 5V / 2A

Discharge current: 1st gear: 278MA 2nd gear: 570MA 3rd gear: 970MA

Discharge power: 1st gear: 1.3W 2nd gear: 2.8W 3 gear: 4.8W

Exhaust speed: 1st gear: 1162RPM 2nd gear: 1532RPM 3rd gear: 1864RPM

Wind speed: 1st gear: 2.3m / s 2nd gear: 3.0m / s 3rd gear: 4.0m / s

Noise decibel: 30-40db

Charging time: <4h30m

Working time: 1st gear: 23h30m 2nd gear: 9h30m 3nd gear: 5h30m


Package Include:

1 x Telescopic Folding USB Charging Fan.

Working time: 1st gear: 23h30m 2nd gear: 9h30m 3nd gear: 5h30m
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