Rechargeable Electric Hair Removal Shaver For Women

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  • Power consumption: 3.7W.
  • Electric hair removal shaver for women.
  • Delicate appearance, easy to carry.
  • An ultra-smooth and comfortable feel.
  • Scope of application: leg, arm, bikini line, armpit.
  • Double razor hair shaving system design for close contact with the skin.
  • The straight razor head is used to remove neat hair on the leg and thigh.


How to use the product:

  • Press the button ON / OFF to start the shaver.
  • Open epilator, and use both sides of the head along the direction of hair growth to clean the long hair.
  • Then use the middle foil along the reverse direction of the hair to clean the short hair. You could use it several times for the better effect of shaving.
  • Cover the shaver protective cover after each use to avoid being damaged.
  • The removable shaving head could be directly pulled out and clean with water.