Stock Market Strategies That Work


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This book provides proven strategies to trade – and make money – in today’s fast-moving markets. Veteran traders love today’s volatile markets. Why? Because while technological advances have made trading easier than ever, the market knowledge of individual investors has not kept pace. For traders who know what to look for, profits are plentiful and opportunities abound.

“Stock Market Strategies That Work” turns the tables, revealing powerful market entry and exit methods, precise timing techniques, trend analysis tools, risk management methods, and more.

Learn the tools that trading pros have used for years to take advantage of investor ignorance. Short on double-talk but long on actual trading applications, this valuable guide explores: sensible, lower-risk strategies for investors starting with $1,000 or less; what trading on margin can – and can’t – do for you; do’s and don’ts of picking winning stocks; how charts can help you understand and forecast market movements; and, little-known timing methods for increased profits in stocks and mutual funds. Before you compete with experienced market vets, you have to learn their tricks and tactics.

“Stock Market Strategies That Work” shows you how things really operate in the marketplace, giving you the knowledge you need to plot your own course – with low risk and high-profit potential – through today’s investment jungle.