Super 10 Heavy Duty Cleaner

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How is Super 10 Heavy Duty Cleaner unique?

  • Super 10 gives you extra cleaning power because of its unique, 3-way action formula:
  • Super 10 penetrates the spot or stain and gets between the surface and the dirt.
  • Super 10 dissolves it, breaking up dirt and grease for easy removal.
  • Super 10 emulsifies it into the cleaning solution for easy removal by rinsing or wiping. Super 10 has powerful reserve alkalinity, captured and contained power that becomes aggressive only when it chemically “recognizes” dirt and grime.
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Super 10 Heavy Duty Cleaner is the all purpose cleaner for all seasons and almost any surface. Super 10 is a non-flammable, non-volatile product which cannot catch fire or cause or create foam in rivers and streams. Because it is biodegradable it can easily be consumed by bacterial action in ordinary septic tanks and sewage disposal systems.

Super 10 rinses cleaner than ordinary detergents, leaving no soap residue.

Super 10, penetrates, dissolves and emulsifies even the toughest grit and grime. It’s perfect for industrial use, yet safe in the home. Super 10 makes all your cleaning chores easier, yet it’s compatible with the environment. You’ll love the way it penetrates grease and stains, wipes out fingerprints, black heel marks, and soapy residue on tile and grout. You choose the strength you need for each cleaning task.

Super 10 Heavy Duty Cleaner is powerful cleaning for just pennies per use.

Our Solution: Super 10

  • Industrial strength, yet safe for you and your home.
  • Harmless to any surface where it’s safe to use water.
  • 3-way action. Penetrates, dissolves, emulsifies.
  • Versatile & economical. Does the job of dozens of specialty household cleaners at a fraction of the cost. Effective on every job from removing stubborn stains in fabrics to cleaning garage floors.
  • A little bit goes a long way.
  • Free-rinsing. Leaves no sticky residue.
  • Nonflammable.
  • 100% biodegradable. Phosphate-free.

Key Benefits

  • Effective on every tough job from removing stubborn fabric stains to cleaning garage floors.
  • Industrial strength that’s harmless to any surface where it’s safe to use water.
  • Highly Concentrated: A little goes a long way.


  • Triple action formula with soaps, solvents and surfactants to wipe away dirt and grime
  • Industrial strength, yet safe for you and your home
  • Each bottle has the cleaning power of over 20 similar competitive products