Super Gro Agricultural Liquid Fertilizer – 5 Litre


How is Super Gro Unique?

  • Super Gro is a multi-purpose surfactant that makes water “wetter”.
  • Ensures optimal soil penetration.
  • Reduces run-off and evaporation.
  • Enhances the benefits of plant foods and fertilisers mixed with the water.
  • Results in the plants making better use of the water provided to them, supporting better growth.
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Super Gro Agricultural Liquid Fertilizer is a multi-purpose agricultural surfactant specifically formulated to work with modern crop treatments and application equipment.

Super Gro is another fine product from NEOLIFE, a world leader in products for health, beauty, home and environment.

Super Gro Unlocks the Power of Water!

  • GNLD Super Gro is specially formulated to help gardeners and growers get the greatest value out of every drop of water used.
  • It does this by reducing the water’s surface tension, making “water wetter”, boosting its ability to deliver life-sustaining moisture deeper into plant root systems.
  • This not only brings more water to where it’s needed, but reduces water loss to evaporation and run-off. More water reaches the plants roots and stays there longer, supporting better growth, faster time to maturity and harvest.

Super Gro Triple Action Formula!

  • Increases crop growth in less time!
  • Protects crops from diseases!
  • Boosts crops yield for profits!

Helping Crop Treatments Do Their Jobs Better!

  • GNLD Super Gro is a high performance adjuvant.
  • An adjuvant is something that helps something else do a better or more thorough job.
  • Super Gro acts as a powerful adjuvant for most crop treatments where water is used, including fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides, causing them to penetrate deeper, stick better, stay longer, and work more effectively.


Proven Benefits of Super Gro Complex

  • Improves crops/plants yield by as much as 167%.
  • It is compatible and thus improves the performance of agricultural aids.
  • Improves the rate at which water penetrates the soil and stimulates growth.
  • It is versatile and multi-purpose. It can be applied on any plant/crop and under any climatic condition.
  • It helps the crops/plants to be greener and more healthy looking.
  • It helps protect crops/plants from diseases.
  • It increases crops/plants life span.
  • It is safe and easy to use; non-toxic and contains no abrasive or hazardous ingredients


Proven Test Results From the University Of Nairobi

  • Early blight of tomatoes was decreased by 46%, 53% better result than fungicide alone
  • Whitefly and aphid infestation of tomatoes were reduced by 63% and 94% respectively and of French Beans by 66% and 79% respectively when Super Gro was used with market leading pesticides
  • Angular leaf spot of French Beans was decreased by 41% when Super Gro was used with a fungicide
  • Red spider mite infestation of roses was decreased by 43% and powdery mildew by 33% when Super Gro was used with the crop treatment


What Super Gro Users Are Saying

 “I firmly believe that Super Gro has largely contributed to the fleshiness, flavour and sweetness of my crop, so much so that I am unable to meet the demands from the export Companies.” Jeremiah Muriuki Ngure.


“When you mix Super Gro with water, you see a remarkable difference on the leaves, stem and the yield. It acts like a natural greenhouse and has tripled the yield of my tomato crop.” Peterson Mwangi Ndegwa.


“The results are amazing. The leaves are brighter and the cabbage yields are much higher.” Peter Maina.


Directions for Use

  • Fill container of your choice with water, add corresponding Super Gro Complex and agitate gently using any of the mix ratio.
  • Spray or wet each crop/plant as a whole, the leaves, branches/stem, trunk and the soil around the crop/plant.
  • Apply every 2weeks (minimum of 3 times per season of that particular crop/plant).

Mix as follows:

1 ml per 1 litre of water

3 ml per 3litres water (1 blue capful of 500ml bottle to 2 big bottles of Eva/Ragolis water)

10 ml per 10litres of water (1 red capful of 500ml plastic keg 10 litres keg of water).




super gro for farming

supergro - palm trees

supergro - coconuts

Key Benefits

  • Optimises water use by overcoming water repellancy, increasing the rate of soil penetration.
  • Reduces run-off and evaporation.
  • Compatible with agricultural aids and can improve the performance of pesticides, insecticides and fertilisers.


  • Non-toxic, non-caustic and non-flammable making it safe and easy to handle and use.
  • Very concentrated and economical, mixed with water in a dilution of 1:1000.
  • Suitable for use on all indoor and outdoor vegetation.