Thermal Label Printing Machine GP1324D


No ink or ribbon is required!

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Thermal Label Printing Machine GP1324D for all your label, barcode printing. Perfect for shipping and logistics companies.

Voltage: 110/220V      Power: 48W

Model: GP1324D
Printing Method: Thermosensitive
Printing speed: 200mm/s
Print interface: USB
Print head resolution: 203 dots/inch (8 dots/mm)
Print Point Size: 0.125 x 0.125 mm (1mm = 8dots)
Max print width: 20-104mm
Max print length: 2286 mm (90″)
Compatible Paper Type: Thermal Paper (Continuous/Gap/Folding/Punched)
Paper width: max 120 mm (4.72″) ,min 20 mm (0.78″)
Paper Thickness: Max 0.254mm (10mil) Min 0.06mm (2.36mil)
Printer size: 175 * 235 * 180mm
Printer weight: 3.20Kg
Package included:
1* thermal label printer
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