USB Multi Charging Mushroom Station


Our Multi Charging Mushroom has five different USB ports to charge all of your electronics at once! It’s compact, portable, and includes separators to keep phones, tablets, and cords from getting mixed up. It’s the last charger you’ll ever need!


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Well, what do you know? USB charging just got cuter.

Yeah, cute is definitely the word that comes to mind at the first sight of the USB Multi Charging Port Mushroom Station but that isn’t all there is to this little guy. It’s actually a pretty swell gadget that combines being a USB charging station with being a desk lamp and even a decorative piece.

Now, let’s get into its more practical offerings.

  • It has 5 USB ports which are engineered to simultaneously provide a fast 5V/2.1A charging which means that we wouldn’t need to wait for hours to get fully charged batteries.
  • Another gush-worthy feature is the Qualcomm 3.0 quick charge port which supplies electrical juice to devices at up to 4 times the speed of conventional charging ports.


  • Mushroom Multi Charging Bracket
  • Made with fireproof and flame retardant material
  • Intelligent charging with inbuilt surge protector
  • Beautiful design that’ll complement most spaces and tastes
  • Space saving solution to device and cable clutter
  • Lightweight, Small and compact
  • Input: 100-220 volts
  • 5 feet power cable included

Now let’s talk about its desk lamp feature.

This little mushroom has a 3.5 watt LED bulb which gives off a soft and comfortable light that doesn’t flicker, glare or cause any strain on the eyes.

This makes it a more than an adequate night light and desk lamp as it provides enough light to accomplish certain tasks by.

Who’d want this little fella?

Well, we can list a few right off the bat like the tech-savvy entrepreneur (and trust us there is quite the number of them these days), the guy/girl who wants to be able to charge all of his/her devices in one spot and at the same time etc.



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