Wheat Germ Oil

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Why NeoLife Wheat Germ Oil?

  • Wheat Germ Oil is the finest variety of pure wheat germ oil with vitamin E.
  • Provides 57 IUs of vitamin E.
  • Cold processed extraction method preserves more vitamin E than heat extraction processes used by many manufacturers.
  • Developed to provide these vital nutrients in a convenient, easy to use form.


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Wheat germ oil is extracted from wheat germ and is rich in naturally occurring vitamin E as well as the essential unsaturated fatty acids linoleic and linolenic.

Why Wheat Germ Oil?

  • Provides essential nutrients. Since the human body is unable to manufacture the essential unsaturated fatty acids or vitamin E, wheat germ oil provides these vital nutrients.
  • A powerful antioxidant. The naturally occurring vitamin E protects these unsaturated fatty acids from oxidation in the body and also acts as a tissue antioxidant helping to maintain healthy cells.

Key Benefits

Vitamin E supports the well being of the heart, brain and prostate and promotes lung, colon and immune function as well as a youthful looking skin*


  • Wheat Germ oil delivers naturally occurring essential unsaturated fatty acids.
  • Cold Pressed extraction preserves more Vitamin E than heat extraction method.