Wireless Handheld Scanner


Wireless Handheld Scanner takes care of scanning, archiving, organizing files, and saves them onto a micro SD or micro SDHC memory card with dexterity.

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Wireless Handheld Scanner is compact and lightweight, making it great for travel, increasing your scanning efficiency

It takes care of scanning, archiving, organizing files, and saves them onto a micro SD or micro SDHC memory card with dexterity

Scanner for color and monochromatic images, documents, magazines

Suitable for businessmen, students, travelers, and amateur archivists

Scan images with up to 900 DPI resolution and save them directly to a micro SD memory card

Comes with Optical Character Recognition ( OCR ) software so you can convert and edit your scans

I. Main Features
Scanning options: color/black and white, resolution 600 / 300dpi optional, direct storage of JPG files to Micro SD card, maximum support 32GB, system environment Windows 7 / Vista / XP / and Mac OS 10.4 or higher No need to install the driver)

2. Functions of each part
1. Battery port: two AA alkaline batteries
2. Power/scan power on / off: keep pressing the key for two seconds until the power is turned on / off, continue with the power on Press once to start scanning, press again to stop scanning
3. Error indicator: the scanning speed is too fast, red light is on
4. Scan indicator: green light is on, start scanning
5. LED screen: scanning status display
6. Resolution: select high ( 600dpi) / low (300dpi) resolution, screen displays icons
to select a color/monochrome scan status, the screen icons are displayed
7. C / BW select color/black and white scanning, color/black and white scan icon is displayed on the screen
8. time Settings: press this key to enter time setting mode
9. USB interface: use the provided data cable to download photos to the computer
10. SD card slot: place SD card
11. Format button: press this key to format the SD card

III. turn off Icon Status
1. SD card icon: the pictures stored in the SD card
2. The battery icon: full grid power/power is exhausted
3. Effect Icon: Color / monochrome
4. Count Icon: displays stored in the SD card scanned document
5. Select the resolution: High (600dpi) / Low (300dpi)

4. How to use the scanner
4.1 Battery installation
1. Open the battery port
2. Place two AA alkaline batteries in the battery compartment
3. Press the power button for two seconds to turn on the scanner

4.2 Insert SD card (not including SD card)
You must insert an SD card (not provided) to record and save your scanned pictures
1. Turn off the scanner
2. Place the SD card in the SD card slot, and press gently to SD are put slot
1. Do not allow the SD card into the slot strong, this will damage the scanner and the SD card, SD card alignment position (marked with a line) to retry
2. SD card before scanning format must, Please see the following operation

4.3 Format the SD card
1. Put the new SD card into the scanner, turn on the scanner
2. Press the format key to format the mode, and the “F” icon will be displayed on the screen
3. Press the power/scan key to start the format of
4. when formatting is complete, an icon on the screen will flash SD card

4.4 Set the resolution
Press the DPI key to select the high/low resolution. The high/low-resolution icon will be displayed on the screen.

4.5 Setting the scan mode
Press C / BW button to select the color/monochrome scanning mode, color/mono scanning icon appears on the screen

4.6 scanning steps of
a hand fixed to scan the file, place the scanner will start scanning Position, hold the scanner firmly, press the scan button once, slide the scanner steadily and slowly to ensure that a high-quality picture is scanned, and press the scan again to stop scanning

. LED indicator
1. Green LED is on: scanning is in progress
2. Green LED is off: scanning is complete
3. The red error indicator is on: scanning is too fast, causing scanning errors, scanning must be restarted
4. The red error indicator is off: moderate speed, You can continue scanning

six. Connect a computer
You can connect your scanner to a computer and use the computer monitor to view your scanned pictures


Seven. specification

Image sensor  A4 color photoelectric sensor
Number of sensors  5136 points (available from 1-5104 points)
Resolution  Low resolution 300 * 300dpi (default)
High resolution 600 * 600dpi
Scan speed  Color high resolution 13 seconds / page black and white high resolution 6 seconds / page
color low resolution 3 seconds / page black and white low resolution 2 seconds / page (A4 paper scan)
Storing the number (based 1GB memory card, A4 paper
piece, depending on the complexity of the mass scan memory)
 600dpi color: 220 pictures (minimum), 600dpi black and white: 290 pictures (minimum);
300dpi color: 780 pictures (minimum), 300dpi monochrome: 1280 pictures (minimum)
Scan width  8.72
 Scan length  300DPI: 50 (maximum); 600DPI: 25 (maximum)
Storage format  JPEG
LCD  Scan status display
Automatic shut-down  3 minutes
transfer method  USB 2.0 high speed
Storage method  Micro SD card
power supply  Dry battery (Battery X2)


Eight. Minimum computer system requirements


operating system  Windows 7 / Vista / XP / and Mac OS 10.4 or above.
CPU  Pentium 2 or above
interface  USB port

nine. Possible failure


problem  the reason  Solution
The scanner cannot be used  1. The battery is too low
2. The battery is inserted incorrectly
 Change the battery or insert the battery correctly
Pictures cannot be saved while scanning  1. The SD card is not inserted
2. The memory is full
3. The SD card is not formatted correctly
 1. Insert SD card
2. Download the picture from the scanner to the computer to get storage space
3. Please refer to Tip 4.3
The computer does not recognize the scanner when connected (no removable disks were found)  Connection failed  Make sure the data cable is secure and restart the computer if necessary
Battery life  Using the wrong type of battery  Replaced by two AA alkaline batteries
Imaging blur  Scanner lens is dirty  Gently wipe the lens with a soft, dry cloth
Error message lights when scanning files  Scan too fast  Press Power / Scan to rescan the file


Material: Plastic Type: Professional instruments Primary functions: Scanning Scope of application: Home appliance,Office Scan Resolution: 300DPI,600DPI,900DPI Storage Format: JPEG,PDF White balance: Auto Image sensor: A4 Scanning speed: Colorful 900DPI 10 second / page Colorful 600DPI 8 second / page Colorful 300DPI 3 second / page Storage volume ( based on 2G TF card ): Fine-resolution ( 900DPI ) – 300 pages High-resolution ( 600DPI ) – 400 pages Low resolution ( 300DPI ) – 1500 pages Storage method: Micro SD / TF card , no ROM Extended memory: Micro SD / TF card ( 1G – 32GB ) Transferring method: USB2.0 Power supply: 2 x AA battery ( not included ) Working method: Offline scanning Auto power-off: It will be turn off after 3 minutes with no operation