Zinc Tablets

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Our unique Zinc Tablets contributes to the maintenance of: Immune function; normal testosterone levels in the blood; vision, bones, hair, skin and nails.

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Zinc Tablets is one of Neolife Products needed in over 100 enzymes and involved in a myriad of essential body functions. Because the best food sources of zinc are meat and seafood, vegetarian or low-meat diets may provide less than 11 mg of zinc required daily for optimal well-being. NeoLife Zinc Tablets provide high-purity and potency zinc plus amino acid chelation for improved absorption.


Key Benefits

  • Optimizes immune function and minimizes the severity and duration of the adverse effects of seasonal challenges.
  • Supports cellular repair, metabolism, and an efficient immune system.
  • The unique chelation process reduces the chance of stomach irritation.
  • Important for skin, connective tissue, and normal prostate function.


  • Supports vision & prostate function*
  • Keeps your metabolism working at its best*
  • Zinc has been shown to improve memory and attention span in children*
  • Chelated for increased absorption, and gentle on your digestive system

Why NeoLife’s Chelated Zinc Tablets

  • Highest potency and purity – our pharmaceutical-grade zinc base provides both high purity and high potency.
  • In our unique chelation process, pharmaceutical-grade zinc is reacted with the amino acid methionine. In this process, two amino acid molecules bond with one zinc atom to form our exclusive 2-to-1 zinc amino acid chelate. Tests show that amino acid chelation improves zinc absorption.





Normal growth and development, immune function and cellular repair.



• Needed in over 100 of the body’s enzymes. • Functions as an antioxidant • Involved in carbohydrate metabolism • Activation of vitamins, especially B vitamins



The pharmaceutical-grade zinc base provides both high purity and high potency.



In our unique chelation process, zinc is reacted with the amino acid methionine, a process proven to improve zinc absorption in the body. This is particularly important since less than 10% of dietary zinc is normally absorbed.


Take 2 tablets daily between meals.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.